Do I need a website?


Have you just started a business or just otherwise happen to wonder if you need a website for your business? Let's save some time! Yes, you need a website and a damn good one!

But your business has gotten this far without a website, why on earth would I need one now? What is the point of creating a website if my business has been doing well without one?

The consumer behaviour is changing all the time and is adapting to the modern digital age. Today a large part of trade, research and decision making is made through internet. Therefore, it is extremely important for today’s companies to have a fully functional and appealing website.

Not convinced yet? Let me give you some examples!

97% of consumers go online to research local businesses.

Reasons to have a website

There are hundreds of reasons why all businesses should have a website. I am not going to list them all! Here are a few of them though.

  1. Having a website makes you look professional
    84% of today’s consumers think a website makes your business more credible than companies who only have social media profiles.  

    We live in a digitalised world, and it is a common notion to think that if you have a website for your business, your company is real and isn’t fooling people. However, it is essential that you present your business in an attractive and glamorous but a well-structured way.

  2. Timeless opening hours
    You won’t ever have to put up a closed sign for the business after you have a business website. Customers can take a look at your products & services even when you aren’t available. It means you are selling your services and products 24/7.

  3. Target a Larger Market
    Having a offline business means one thing, you are only able to target a limited number of clients. Being online on the other hand means that your target group is endless.  Nowadays it is all about putting your brand on the global map. Creating a website enables you to do so with the minimum cost.

  4. Capturing the Attention of Youth
    Young people spend a hell lot of time on the internet nowadays. They actually also prefers shopping online instead of visiting the local shopping centre. Having an online business means you can attract the youth, who spend on gut instinct rather than doing their research.

- Seriously it is 2020!
  1. Attract new customers
    Are you happy with the size of your business? If no, you need to attract new customers. And the easiest way to do so is by creating a website.

    Ranking well on google will help you attract a steady stream of new customers. Having a well optimised website will put you up there in the top of the google rankings.

  2. Cleary showcasing your products and services
    By having a great website, you can showcase your customer what you are offering them. By displaying high-quality pictures and a well organised website you can show the potential customers what they will get from you.

  3. We live in an age of NOW
    Consumers wants answers straight away. Buyers will leave your website immediately if it is not clear what your company do straight away.  People visiting your website probably wants to know something or do something! And they want their information as fast as possible. On the landing page it is essential to have:
    -      Who you are?
    -      What you offer.
    -      How they can contact you.

    These three things should be answered on the landing page without having to scroll down the page.

  4. Keep up with your competitors
    Last but not least. This is very simple. All of your competitors have a website, that means that you need a website! Customers are spending hours and hours researching about products nowadays, if you don’t have your website out there you won’t even be in the race. You’re failing to keep up with the latest technology and you are even giving up on becoming a successful business before even starting.

There is no excuse

Even after reading all these benefits and reasons of having a website there is always going to be objections and denial.  

“My business is too small, I don’t have the money or time to create a website. Your website is your number one marketing asset. If you are skipping out on having a great website, you are throwing away one of your most valuable investment opportunities.  

Get a website it doesn’t have to be expensive and fancy, but it needs to exist.

“We already have enough business. We even have more business than we can handle at the moment.”

A website doesn’t need to exist in the purpose of only adding new customer. Having a website is important for the customer experience. Update your opening hours, post news about new special deals or answer the most common questions. This will help you create a great experience for the customer but also save you a ton of time in the long run.  

There are tons and tons of excuses and objections on why people don’t need websites. But think about this!  

The price of having a website is much lower than the price of getting left behind.