Is The Freelancer Life So Glorious?


Have you ever considered becoming a freelancer or starting your own business? Leaving your boring job that you’ve had enough of now for two years already?

The answer is probably yes. Almost all of us have!

What would it be like being your own boss? Having the freedom to choose your own working hours and calmly enjoy the morning coffee knowing that you don’t have to rush to work. This would be the dream, right? But however, most of us don’t take the step towards this life. I totally understand!

Hold your horses, before you get swept away with visions of working on the beach or from a nice and fancy restaurant, read this.

The entrepreneur life is not just a walk in the park, that I can assure you! And it is probably not the right choice for all of us. But for you guys out there, that are up for a challenge and dares to be different. Go ahead!

"Dare to be Different" 

- RareBastards

Be your own Boss

I can’t say that being my own boss has always been my dream, but damn it feels nice waking up in the morning knowing that you can decide what to do today. But this is not only a blessing it could also be a curse.

If you are going to freelance there is one thing that you need more than anything else, that is discipline! It is extremely easy to squander time and spend your day doing stuff you shouldn’t do.

There are plenty of ways to improve your self-discipline. What especially works for me is having a good morning routine! There is tons and tons of different opinions on what should be included in the perfect morning routine! They are probably all right. Take a look at my morning routine!  

  1. Get up early
    I am getting up every morning before 7am to get the day started in the best possible way.

  2. Exercise
    Wake up brush your teeth and work out. It doesn’t necessarily have to be anything hard. Go for a short run or do some morning yoga to get your body moving

  3. Meditation
    After the morning workout I usually want to relax for a while and try to meditate for 5-10 minutes, just to clear me thoughts. After finishing the meditation, write down your thoughts and goals for the day. A list of things you want to accomplish that day.

  4. Coffee and a book
    In the morning I always make the famous Sunrise shacks bullet coffee, I grab my book and I read for about 15-20 minutes.

  5. Breakfast
    Last thing before I start working is eating my breakfast. In my opinion breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Get your body full of energy straight from the morning so you can tackle the rest of the day headfirst!

These things works for me. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they work for you. Create your own morning routine that works for you. Having a good morning routine set a good tone for the rest of the day.

- Morning walk in Kuala Lumpur, 2020.

Separate work from personal life

You have finished your morning routine and are ready to face the day. You made it past the first hurdle of the day be proud. It is time to choose where you want to work from, after all you are a freelancer. You could even work in your undies and no one will ever know. Unless you live with your parents of course, but they probably don’t care. 

It is not always that nice and fancy though. Sitting at home not working, that makes you feel weird, uncomfortable somehow. You could be writing a new blog post, market yourself on social media or emailing with customers. There are hundreds of things on your list.

You glance towards that comfy sofa that you bought a couple of weeks ago. That nice smart tv with Netflix looks incredibly inviting and your friends has been asking you out fora couple of drink’s multiple times.

But all of it feels wrong, like you have to make it before you can enjoy all the other things. What really means by “making it”?  

- Breakfast, most often oatmeal.

Is this how it is supposed to be? Feeling guilty every time you are doing something non work related. You should be working harder, smarter, faster than everybody else. You don’t have time for Netflix and chill.  

Wrong, this is for sure a highway towards burnout. You deserve to have sometime off!  

I chose the freelancing path because of the freedom, the flexibility and experiences it brings with it. It is scary. Leaving the regular monthly salary, having to rely on your own earnings. Nobody is going to babysit you now.  

Your home should not feel like a prison, where everything reminds you of work. There is always going to be stuff to do! You just have to learn how to separate your work from your free time.

Create your own little work dedicated space in your home. Sitting down there only means one thing, work! Let me guess you are using the same computer for work and leisure? Then I recommend you closing down all work-related tabs, when you done for the day.  

Setting boundaries between work and free time will help you in your freelancing life. So, you can enjoy that nice cold beer in front of a new episode of Black Mirror when you consider the workday over.  

The freelancer life is not easy! You are all alone out there on the battlefield, no one will have your back.

Sometimes it is truly glorious though. If you manage to pick up the right puzzle pieces and assemble them the right way.

So, my question is… does freelancing still feel like a dream for you?

Dare to be Different!
- Kevin

"Rise and Grind"

- Daymond John